The Sculptural Elegance Of Beolli For Vitae Ascendere

By Diamonds In The Library's Becky Stone

March 9, 2017

I have great news for those of you who go crazy for modern, architectural design: Vitae Ascendere is expanding! Not only are they offering a new line, Beolli for Vitae Ascendere, they’re launching retail space inside the SoHo Grand Hotel – the grand opening is today!

I can’t tell you much about their shop, because I haven’t been yet, but I can tell you all about Beolli for Vitae Ascendere!


Beolli for Vitae Ascendere is a line designed by Olga Baranova, a jewelry industry veteran with a unique vision. Olga’s jewelry journey began with an education at the prestigious Stroganov Moscow University of Art. From there, she moved to New York and enjoyed a successful career working for other jewelry designers.

With her new line, Beolli, Olga finally has the chance to create designs that honor her own aesthetic, rather than working to realize other people’s visions.


I’ve been focusing on rings so far, mostly because I find  Beolli for Vitae Ascendere’s cocktail rings totally fascinating, but there’s more to the line than just finger bling.

Here are two pairs of earrings from the line as well. These pieces are a great example of how Olga’s bold, fresh perspective translates to non-ring pieces as well.


Here’s something truly spectacular to end on: the Big Band ring. This design feels like a tiny, glamorous slide that you mount on your finger. Another interesting, unique way to occupy space on the hand.

What do you think of these Beolli for Vitae Ascendere designs, my dears? Do you find their perspective as refreshing as I do?

If you’re in NYC, do me a favor and go visit Vitae Ascendere at the SoHo Grand Hotel! Their grand opening is TODAY so if you hurry you can see it before I do. Send me a photo?


The piece above – the magnificent sliced pyramid ring  in rose gold with amethyst – is a perfect example of what I love about Beolli for Vitae Ascendere. The ring is objectively beautiful, but it’s also so interesting! The sleek cutouts echo the silhouette of a larger ring, but in a way that makes you think half of this ring may have been spontaneously transported to another dimension. It seems to ask the question “Is this design unusual, or is it all other rings that are unusual?”

That feeling of shifted perspective, of the sudden knowledge that you have pre concieved notion of what rings should look like and maybe everything you know is wrong, is an effect I experienced with many of the Beolli for Vitae Ascendere pieces. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

In nearly 5 years of writing Diamonds in the Library I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a few pieces of jewelry, so discovering something truly out of the ordinary is always a delight.


The Cone ring, is one of Beolli for Vitae Ascendere’s star pieces. This edgy design features just over two carats of diamonds, burnished rather than bead set, and surrounded by matte, sand blasted metal for a fascinating contrast of textures.

I had the great pleasure of trying this piece on not too long ago, and it’s even more bewitching in person. It’s chock full of diamonds – and really rather large – but because of the matte metal, it feels much less ostentatious than one might expect. A seriously original cocktail ring.


This is the pillow stripped South Sea pearl ring in yellow gold. You saw its rose gold and diamond cousin up above. These rings are so cool on the finger, and really comfortable considering all of their unusual angles.


The hand pieces feature the most figural elements in this largely abstract line. The playful use of space along the earring and just before the wrists of the hands tie these designs into the rest of the collection.

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