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Delicate Inspiration

Inspired by nature's shapes, the collection brings to life wearable statement pieces with organic, delicate shapes perfect for any occasion. 

From an image, the leaf entrancing venation is highlighted and CAD software used to create a model. 

State of the art 3D printing enables capturing the delicate essence of the leaf, cast in precious metal each piece is hand finished.


Made In NYC

All our pieces are designed and manufactured at our NYC studio. 

Light and ethereal, modern and unique our jewelry is everyday wearable luxury and style. Elegance, intricacy and strength couples organic structures with mathematical perfection in the Metal Lace Collection. 

Movement and detail combined with the minimal weight enabled by 3D printing technology inspired our earring collection, where bold statement pieces can be worn comfortably for an evening or a day.



The Metal Lace Collection –

Elegant, Light and Unique

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